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Posted by Autofabrica

12 May, 2020


Price On Request

The first Honda to be used as a base by Auto Fabrica, a much welcomed challenge with such a rich heritage in racing motorcycles with amazingly built engines.

Taking inspiration form the sculpted bodies of builds like the Type 6 and a design language harking back to the original Type 1 build, this styling of the Type 13 really pin pointed what Auto Fabrica believes a serious classic super-bike should resemble. Attention to detail in every area, a tastefully resolved colour palette and well understood materials and finishes make this motorcycle a joy to look at as well as ride.

The bike still resides in the UK and is thoroughly ridden and enjoyed, often on the track.

* **Model : Honda CB750 SOHC**
* **Frame : Lightened + De-Lugged**
* **Engine : Fully rebuild, big bore to 836cc, headwork tuning Aluminium Oil tank mounted under the fuel tank**
* **Electrics: New wiring loom Uprated headlight and tailight Led indicators**
* **Exhaust: Hand bent stainlees steel 4 into 4 exhaust**
* **Suspension : Front uprated internals Rear uprated shocks**
* **Brakes: Upgraded front and rear Brembo calipers Brembo front and rear brake master cylinders Braided brake lines**
* **Wheels: 18" Front, 18" Rear Relaced with stainless steel spokes**
* **Bodywork : Modified steel tank Custom aluminium seat Aluminium front fender**
* **Colour + Trim : Dark grey metallic paint Dark brown leather seat with brushed aluminium detail**

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