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Pachycephalosaurus (Jurassic Park Movie)

Posted by ExhibitsRex

15 May, 2020

Pachycephalosaurus (Jurassic Park Movie)


All the dinosaurs for Jurassic Park and Jurassic Park: Lost World that are featured here were originally sculpted for Stan Winston Studios which built the robotic dinosaurs for the 3 JP films.
These dinosaurs were made from the original molds, and are the only set for sale anywhere in the world. I had them built for a touring exhibition I built after consulting on the film, to raise money for dinosaur research, with Spielberg\\\'s permission. I already wrote you about their composition. Here\\\'s a bit more description about the animals and how they compare to the actual dinosaurs which inspired them.

Pachycephalosaurus The Jurassic Park version of thisthick-headed plant-eater measures 7 feet from nose to tail. The real-life “pachy” grew to more than 15 feet in length more than 65 million years ago in the same Western North American habitat as T. rex and Triceratops.

Pachycephalosaurs #1 - 8 feet long and 4.5 feet high - $35,000 US (allow 2 months for delivery)

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