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Velociraptor (Jurassic Park movie)

Posted by ExhibitsRex

15 May, 2020

Velociraptor (Jurassic Park movie)


All the dinosaurs for Jurassic Park and Jurassic Park: Lost World that are featured here were originally sculpted for Stan Winston Studios which built the robotic dinosaurs for the 3 JP films.

These dinosaurs were made from the original molds, and are the only set for sale anywhere in the world. I had them built for a touring exhibition I built after consulting on the film, to raise money for dinosaur research, with Steven Spielberg's permission.

Velociraptor The pack-hunting villain of Jurassic Park stretches to 14 feet in length and five feet high. The real-life “raptor” was no bigger than a standard poodle.

Velociraptor - 14 feet long, 5 feet high $55,000 US - (allow 2 months for delivery)

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